Parish Groups

Flower Group


St Bernadette’s - Friday 5pm

St Aidan’s - no fixed time

Gardening Group

St Aidan's - Monday Afternoon (seasonal)


Church Cleaning


St Aidan’s - Wednesday 11am

St Bernadette's - times vary 

Maintenance Group

St Aidan's - as required

St Aidan’s Singing Group/St Bernadette's Choir 


Times vary as required 


Knit and Natter Group


St Aidan's - Friday 1.30pm


Craft and Chatter Group


St Aidan's - Thursday 7pm


Senior Citizens Group  


Thursday at St Aidan’s

Monday and Thursday at St Bernadette’s        


St Aidan’s Lunch Club

St Aidan’s – Last Friday of every month


St Aidan's Film Night


St Aidan's - Last Saturday of every month



If you would like any further information on these groups or would like to join in then please contact us